Milady Standard Natural Hair Care and Braiding is designed to be the training resource of choice for individuals committed to nurturing textured hair and providing excellent natural hair care services. This book introduces the technical and creative aspects of braiding, styling, and grooming hair that is naturally curly, kinky, or multi-textured. Also included, are 17 procedures with step-by-step photos and detailed instructions in techniques for styling and grooming natural hair and natural hair additions. This is a must-have for those who are serious about developing a wide range of services and building a broad, diverse client base.

Authors: Diane Carol Bailey & Diane Da Costa (Contributing Author)

  • Beautiful color images demonstrate varying hair types, features, and techniques involved, including braiding and sculpting.
  • Visual step-by-step instructions of transitional and protective styling methods that are gentle and nurturing to the hair and scalp.
  • Extensive use of terms and techniques aid in understanding the full scope and array of potential hair care services.
  1. History Overview
  2. Bacteriology/Infection Control & Prevention
  3. The Client and You
  4. The Professional Consultation
  5. How Hair Types and Structures Differ
  6. Hair and Scalp Diseases and Disorders
  7. Shampoos, Conditioners, Herbal Treatments and Rinses
  8. Textured Hair is Manageable
  9. Braiding and Sculpting Techniques Introduction

Print ISBN: 9781133693680
eBook ISBN: 9781285966397
List: $52.95 USD

  • Detailed, interactive exercises
  • Reinforce learning
  • Increase student comprehension

ISBN: 9781133765653
List Price: $32.95 USD

  • 2 hours of content
  • Covers 10 procedures from the text

ISBN: 9781133765639
List Price: $461.95

Disc 1
  • Introduction and Learning Objectives
  • Infection Control
  • Preparing for a Natural Hair Care Service
  • Curly Haircut for Men
  • Flexi-rod Set
  • Making and Applying Wigs
Disc 2
  • Coils and Twist Extensions
  • Loc Groom and Style
  • Sculpted Cornrows with Feed-in Technique
  • Single Box Braids
  • Yarn Braids