Always pursuing and always sharing knowledge

At Milady, we have a popular saying around here: Always pursue knowledge. But the pursuit is only one part. Sharing knowledge is just as important. That’s why nothing makes us happier than when we see today's beauty professionals commit to educating the next generation of students through our Professional Educator program. Here's to YOU! Becoming an educator is equal parts rewarding and fun—but it's also a lot of work. Don't worry! Milady's got your back.

Professional Educator

(formerly Master Educator)

Professional Educator, 4th Edition: From new, relevant teaching methods to situational content that addresses adaptability, inclusivity, diversity, and ability, this edition delivers the most up-to-date, comprehensive education for future beauty and wellness educators. Available in print and CIMA digital learning platform.

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Student Instructor Curriculum

Master Educator, 3rd Edition

This edition presents educators with the teaching skills and educational judgments necessary to become an effective and successful instructor.

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