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Your educators are committed to creating meaningful experiences inside the classroom and student salon. Show them your commitment to their success by hosting a live event with Milady. These events are designed to deliver fresh insights, lots of inspiration, and plenty of actionable advice educators can use as they work with the next generation of beauty professionals.

Classes by topic:

Teaching Methodology, Presentation Methods and Learner Styles

Multiple Methods for Multiple Intelligences
In this class, you will explore the unique ways that students learn. Based on the theory developed by Howard Gardner, participants will understand that each student in their classroom learns through various multiple intelligences and learns through some of those intelligences more readily than others. You will review detailed characteristics of each learning style as well as teaching tips effective for each style.

Powerful Teaching & Learning Methods
This class gives educators the tools to develop their own creativity and bring more variety, enthusiasm, and energy to the classroom. Participants will learn effective and critical techniques in both teaching and learning methods including interactive lecturing, demonstrations, discussion, role-playing, window paning, mind mapping, case studies, concept connectors, mnemonics, energizers and so much more.

The Action-Packed Classroom
Sometimes classrooms can become quite boring. We’ve all seen students look uninterested, with their eyes glazed over and heads propped up with their hands. When students are not involved or are unable to move around during class and engage in the learning process, they become bored. This class will help you discover techniques to keep your classrooms action packed. You will learn how to kick start your class in the morning, incorporate powerful engagers throughout the day, and end your day with action-packed closing activities, all of which will help keep your students engaged and involved in the learning process!

Leading & Teaching Through Change
Participants of this fun and informative program will learn to embrace change, rather than resist it. You will recognize that change touches our lives daily and that change is what gives you the opportunity to be yourself and make your life everything you want it to be. The class will cover ten key facts or strategies for adapting to change as well as four rules for rituals in education. You will also learn through hands-on activities the formula for activating learning in every student.

High Impact Teaching Skills & Presentation Techniques
This class covers step-by-step activities that take participants through every step of developing and delivering a powerful classroom presentation. Participants will understand steps for increasing personal awareness, how to use the C – R – E – A – T – E model with nine essential elements for delivering a powerful presentation. In addition, the ten basic needs of adult learners will be thoroughly discussed.

Engagement & Motivation

Mission Possible: Light the Fuse
Motivation is defined as the reason one has for acting or behaving in a certain way. It is an internal choice that a person must make. As an educator, is there anything you can do to motivate your students? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT! You see, students are a lot like fireworks; their power is all on the inside. Nothing happens until you light the fuse. Your mission is to light that fuse! Are you ready to accept the mission of motivation and light the fuse?

Inspiring the Creative Soul to Learn
In this class, participants will explore inspirational teaching techniques such as metaphors, analogies, and right brain exercises that can be used in the classroom and in the student salon to enhance the learning experience. Each inspirational teaching method is designed to engage the heart and the head for a more fulfilling teaching and learning experience.

Igniting Exceptional Performance
This class will teach participants how to identify and develop the leadership skills that are required of a Master Educator. Participants will understand how to build accountability in their students and will be given the tools to create trust and set clear expectations in order to ignite exceptional performance in both themselves and their students.

Learning is a Laughing Matter
This class will leave participants with robust information and strategies to make their classrooms a lot more fun which enhances learner retention. Participants will define laughter and identify its purpose in learning and the effects of laughter on the brain. They will recognize the benefits of laughter and its effects on stress as well as solidify how laughter enhances creativity. Strategies for integrating laughter into the learning process will be reviewed.

Creative Engagement Activities
Strategies to Engage, Enlighten and Energize your Students

It’s start day! You have a brand-new group of students who are eager, bright-eyed, ready to learn and take on the beauty & wellness world! It really is awesome, isn’t it? But then, a few months later, those eyes are a little less bright and your learners may be a feeling a little less motivated. Before you know it, your classroom and student salon start to feel a little… boring, ho-hum, tired! Your plans for excited, energized learning have fallen a little flat. And no one wants that.

Every day educators have a new opportunity to invigorate, refresh, energize, enlighten and truly engage your learners! An energized classroom drives results and excited learners can accomplish big things. In this online class we will look at strategies that you can use to create that energized classroom and engage the most unengaged learner.

Relationships & Classroom Management

Communicating Confidently
In this class, you will learn to become a great communicator, the kind that gains people’s attention, holds their interest, and moves them into action. You will examine the communication process, identify barriers to communication, learn to listen more effectively and identify communication style. You will also learn key tips for communicating confidently.

Developing Effective Educator Relationships
This class will arm you with the tools needed to engage in sound relationships with learners, colleagues, and the community. You will learn to practice effective listening skills and other steps necessary for building effective relationships and managing conflict as well as identify the six basic needs common to learners of today. Human relations and communication basics will be discussed.

Results Oriented Classroom Management
This class covers the various principles of managing learner behavior and chronic misconduct. You will learn low to high profile control techniques, identify chronic and situational barriers to learning, understand the principles of academic advisement, and review the four enemies of conflict management in relationship building. Seven chronic learner behaviors will be dealt with in detail.

Dynamic Team Building
This class focuses on the importance of evaluating the team environment and provides specific strategies for building a cohesive and productive team. You will define teams and teamwork, identify the benefits of teamwork, the ingredients for team motivation, and work through six practical steps in team building.

Student Salon & Business

Making the Student Salon an Adventure
This class will prepare you to meet the needs of the industry through the success of your graduates. You will learn to assist students in developing a solid client base using referrals, rebooking, ticket upgrading and so much more. The importance of teaching learners how to develop success habits while in school will be reviewed in detail.

Teaching Essential Business Skills for Success
In this class, we offer ideas and solutions for teaching your students how to communicate with customers. You’ll be able to guide them to effectively recommend services and retail products. We’ll focus on building clinic floor traffic, increasing retail sales, doubling chemical sales, finding and filling clients’ needs, and much more! You will discover how to work smarter, not harder.

Student Retention for Schools
This class will help you apply effective school management principles to increase student retention and improve student success. You will understand strategies for establishing a vision and plan, build sound administrative and ethical practices, and define your school’s culture. Learn the importance of instilling student ownership, become an energized educators, and develop a P – R – A – I – S – E policy.

Meet Our Educators

lisha barnes
Lisha is a licensed cosmetologist, barber, and instructor who is committed to improving the quality of cosmetology education. She has presented multiple continuing education–approved courses to thousands of educators via school trainings, state association events, and national conferences.
Lenita Griffis Browning
Lenita is the president of Browning Salon & Beauty Consulting, an organization for the growth of beauty, barber, and skin care and cosmetics industry professionals. Her vast experience provides keen insights into the beauty industry—insights she shares with her trademark passion and sense of humor.
A successful entrepreneur for over 25 years, Gwendolyn co-founded The Expertise School of Beauty in 2000 (now known as The Expertise Cosmetology Institute), which is dedicated to teaching the art of beauty. Gwendolyn is famous for telling students “If you can believe it, you can achieve it.”
Samantha Ferreira
Well-known and respected in the cosmetology field, Samantha's passion is assisting and guiding future industry professionals to be the best version of themselves so they can achieve their goals. She accomplishes this every day through her dynamic teaching style.
Ida is a licensed cosmetologist with over two decades' worth of industry experience, and her wide range of knowledge has made her a well-rounded educator. Teaching is one of Ida's greatest passions—a passion that's reflected in her classroom presentations.