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Milady Standard Barbering

6th Edition

Built to enhance the teaching and learning process, this essential text provides the foundational principles and techniques needed for success in school, the licensing exam, and barbering careers.

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CIMA Collabs: Beauty as a Business
CIMA Collabs: Beauty as a Business

An interactive, online digital marketing curriculum designed specifically for beauty schools.

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Milady Standard Natural Hair Care & Braiding
Natural Hair Care & Braiding

An essential for programs committed to diversity and representation, this book focuses on hair that's naturally curly, coily, or multi-textured.

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Milady Standard Razor Cutting
Razor Cutting

Developed by celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo, this resource is perfect for students interested in practicing the precision-based razor cutting method.

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Studio Luma: Scenarios for Salon-Ready Professionals
Studio Luma

We've created 48 episodes, and each one depicts a technical procedure and authentic conversations in a salon so students can learn soft skills, too.

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Milady Standard Business Fundamentals
Business Fundamentals

Elevate enrollment in your school, increase retail and service revenue, develop instructors' skills, AND position students for success.

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Anatomy and Physiology Reference for Beauty and Wellness Professionals
Anatomy & Physiology Reference

This must-have reference for all students includes cross sections and multiple views of eleven main body systems.

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Beauty & Wellness Dictionary, 3rd Edition
Beauty & Wellness Dictionary

Every student needs an A-Z reference book for beauty and wellness terms. Includes full-color images and pronunciation guide.

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