Every day, we strive to make a real, positive impact on our industry. Care to join us?

Impact. It's one of those buzz words people toss around all the time.

But what does it really mean?

At its simplest, impact is all about effect—either having a major effect on someone or something or being a major effect. Whether the effect is positive or negative, well—that's up to the doers behind the impact.

At Milady, we're all about making a positive impact every day. We accomplish this by creating forward-thinking education that reshapes the industry and uplifts the next generation of beauty professionals.

Below, you can learn more about our impact—and the ways you can support our efforts.

RISE Partner Program for Schools

Giving students the tools they need to potentially save a life

Beauty professionals are in a unique position to not only recognize the signs of domestic abuse and human trafficking, but also do something about it—provided they receive the right training and guidance. When schools participate in the Milady RISE Partner Program, they give their students exactly that—at no cost.

Milady RISE Scholarship

Encouraging ambitious students and professionals to rise to the challenge

Today's students and beauty professionals want to make a difference in their workplaces and communities. This semi-annual scholarship, managed by the Professional Beauty Association, applauds and supports those ambitions by awarding 20 scholarships every year to those who've recently taken training to recognize signs of domestic violence and human trafficking.

N.F. Cimaglia Award and Educator of the Year

Honoring those who have a lasting impact on their students—and the industry

We can't think of a greater privilege than honoring those who shape, influence, and support tomorrow's beauty professionals. Each year, the N.F. Cimaglia Award celebrates an industry leader's outstanding career-long service in beauty education while our Educator of the Year award recognizes an educator who has made significant contributions to educational excellence during the past 12 months.

Together, let's change the face of beauty.

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