Harness the power of hybrid learning and distance education. Let Milady help!

The events of 2020 forced everyone to reimagine and redesign the classroom, and the beauty education industry was no exception. The good news? Everyone discovered that hybrid learning and distance education can work successfully for our industry.

At Milady, we already knew this, which is one of many reasons why everything in our catalog is available in digital as well as print formats.

But it was incredibly gratifying to see schools, educators, and—most of all—students harness the power of digital learning over the last year and enjoy its many benefits.

Digital Learning Highlights

  • Digital learning increases retention rates 25-60%. Retention rates of face-to-face training hover between 8-10% [Source: Aura Interactive]
  • 87% of students use their mobile devices to look for online study programs and 67% utilize mobile devices to complete online course work [Source: EducationData.org]
  • 85% of online students (undergraduate and graduate) who previously took both face-to-face and online courses felt their distance learning experience was the same or better compared to a classroom-based course [Source: EducationData.org]
  • As of 2016, 81% of U.S. college students find that digital learning technologies help them boost their grades [Source: Statista]

Hybrid learning and distance education—and all the technologies that support both—are here to stay. Are you ready?

Don't worry if your answer is “No!” or “I'm not sure.” We've got you! Milady can help you implement CIMA, our digital learning platform, into your program. CIMA is interactive, personal, and available on-demand—and it provides instructors and students with current, contemporary content and measurable, relevant feedback.

Sure, nothing will ever replace the hours that learners put in at the student salon or clinic. Nor should it! After all, the beauty profession is a hands-on, people-oriented industry. But think of digital learning as a way to enhance the in-person approach. CIMA provides the ultimate way to do exactly that.