Sleek, sophisticated and super smart.

Make sure you’re telling your prospective students how your digital curriculum is second to none.

We all know the importance of digital learning: afterall, 2020 forced everyone to reimagine and redesign the classroom, and the beauty education was no exception. The good news? Everyone discovered that hybrid learning, and distance education can work successfully for our industry.

Hybrid programs—and all the technologies that support them—are here to stay. Do prospective students know that you’re ready?

If not—you’re on the right page. Follow these steps and leverage student-facing marketing assets to show prospective students that you’re a forward-thinking school and they’d be wrong not to attend your school.

How can I promote our digital learning platform, CIMA by Milady?

CIMA Student-Facing Video

How to Implement on Your Website
  1. You have an option to embed this video on your website/social by clicking on the paper airplane icon or download from Vimeo.
  2. Embed on your website by clicking on the paper airplane icon in the video window, or…
  3. Share this link with your website developer: so they can implement the video on your website.

CIMA Logos

How to Implement on Your Website

Download CIMA logos. Make sure to use primary.png for placement on white/light backgrounds and reverse.png for placement on black/dark backgrounds. Share this page with your designer/developer to leverage on your marketing materials.

CIMA Admissions Flyer

Information Flyer

Add to your prospective student tour packets and/or share at any event that you have for prospective students.

Don’t want to use our flyer? Here’re the facts you can use:

  • Digital learning doesn’t replace in-class instruction or the hours you spend in the student salon. Instead, it elevates and enhances what you learn in the classroom.
  • With digital learning, you learn more—and you learn better. All while having fun.
  • 81% of students find that digital learning technologies help them boost their grades.
Download Flyer

Download Flyer with the CIMA Logo »

Place Your School Logo on the Flyer:

  1. Download and open this flyer PDF file in Acrobat.
  2. Click on the gray box on the top of the flyer.
  3. Locate your school logo file* on your computer. Select it and upload it to the flyer, or…
  4. Share this link with your graphic designer: so they can download and customize this flyer for you.

*Works best if you have a .png file of you logo with a transparent background.

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A Page Just for Students

Prospective students need even more convincing. Here’s a webpage for your future students to learn more about your digital curriculum and why attending your school is a smart choice. The best part, it’s all done for you. Just drop in the link and you’re good to go.

Go to Webpage

Need additional help or materials to help you promote your school? Please reach out to [email protected].